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Top 10 Worst Musicians of All Time

1- Brian Adams - The dream team of white middle-agers singing that awful Three Musketeers song is the worst moment in the history of recorded sound.

2- Meatloaf - Memories of middle school dances, and cringing waiting for the infinitely long “I would do anything for love” to just fucking END already.

3- Sting - Some of the softest most awful shit ever set to music.

4- John Mellencamp - Still not forgiven for “This is Our Country”, 3 years later. Burn in a fiery blaze after flipping your Chevy truck off the side of a cliff.

5- Rod Stewart - No explanation necessary.

6- The Eagles - Self important garbage.

7- Incubus - The annoying kid who tries philosophizing when he gets high for the 3rd time in his life, in band form.

8- Creed - Singer with a Jesus complex who sings like Eddie Vedder. Stick a crucifix up your piss hole.

9- Kid Rock - Go-to guy for people who have no idea what the “kids are into these days”.

10- Phish - Tribute band to another shitty band.

Top 10 Worst Euphemisms for Sex

10- deflower

9 - the scientific term:  intercourse

8 - bumpin uglies

7 - the nasty

6 - hide the sausage

5 - hokey pokey

4 - horizontal mambo

3 - making woopie

2 - doinking

1 - porking

Acceptable terms:Fucksexdo it

Top 10 Unsexiest Things a Girl Can Say During Sex

10- “Ow, not so hard. I just had labia reduction surgery.”

9- “Hold on, my cat is shitting on the rug.”

8- “Can I be on top? I have bad gas tonight.”

7- “My dads dick is a lot bigger than yours.”

6- “Roll me over and put it my shitter.”

5- “I think I hear my grandmother throwing up in the bathroom.”

4- “ooh you’re gonna make my dog jealous”

3- (calls you by her uncle’s name)

2- “do you love me?”

1- “I’m so hard right now”